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We offer our clients a unique combination of in-depth online expertise and broad business knowledge. Besides the specific areas mentioned below, we closely monitor trends and leading indicators to be able to offer our clients advice on emerging technologies and their applications.

  • Trust and safety
    • All websites with user-generated content should be focused on ensuring a safe experience for their members and building trust within their communities. Successfully addressing these challenges translates directly to the bottom line, with higher spend, increased share of wallet and improved customer loyalty.
    • We are experts in online Trust and Safety (T&S). We help our clients think through and implement all aspects of T&S, including:
      • Customer education
      • Registration
      • User verification
      • Detection tools
      • Dispute resolution
      • Payment methods
      • Buyer protection
      • IP and rights owners
      • Policy and procedure and
      • Feedback and ratings systems
  • Product management
    • Our team has a proven track record of developing and driving projects through all stages of the Product Development Life Cycle (PDLC). We help clients cultivate ideas into realistic project scopes and ensure that these evolve into successful concepts and clear, user-centric product requirements. Our team has extensive experience in authoring documents and supervising these phases.
    • We then work with partners or clients' internal teams to develop the application, following strict quality assurance guidelines. We collaborate with user interface experts, creative design teams and content managers to build a user-centric solution. We also prepare launch plans and ensure that appropriate metrics are in place to assess post-launch project success.
  • User-centric research and design
    • We help our clients discover, understand and prioritise their customer's needs through surveys, interactive workshops and usability studies. Our experience has shown that improving even basic elements of a website can significantly enhance relevance and ease of use for customers.
  • Broad business smarts
    • Combined with our in-depth online expertise, we also have broad business knowledge which we have successfully applied to a variety of industries.
    • Our skills include:
      • Distilling key insights from large volumes of data
      • Developing sophisticated and flexible forecasting and budgeting models for scenario analysis
      • Metrics dashboard development
      • Organisational design
      • Project management

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